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The Idleboard Clique...

Punk Fuckin Rock

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Anybody , Moderated
Cliquey for the sake of it, yagetmeh?

If you have issues, please contact rolos and she shall do her utmost to ignore you and your pathetic whining completely.

Please note, due to various fucktards, the forum has moved home.

Different location, same shit.
\m/, arguing, as you do, banter, bitching, bob fairfoull, cliques, colin newton, country shite, drinking, elitism, fighting, ghey, gheyness, hating idlewild, homosexy, idlewild, immature new directions, inter-band homosexual affairs (allegedly), kthnxby, loving idlewild, mullets, rod jones, roddy woomble, rofle harris, spreading the love, swearing, teh funneh, teh funneh is offline, teh funneh is online, the other two, vikki bradly